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Lindab Pascal - a new simplified DCV solution.
Most intelligent in its class. Undoubtedly.

​Lindab Pascal is a socalled Demand Controlled Ventilation system (DCV), which is not only simpler to install and easier to manage, but also has proven results in energy savings and a healthier indoor climate raising the productivity of the people inside the building.

Invest in your building

Unlike a conventional DCV system with constant pressure control that demands a high pressure and results in higher costs, Pascal operates with our unique patented technology which allows us to precisely control the air pressure. This means lower air pressure, lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance. In fact, you can save up to 50% or more fan energy with Lindab Pascal.

This is what you get with Pascal

  • Low energy cost with Patented Technology for precisely control of air pressure
  • Reduced installation cost with web interface for system monitoring and configuration
  • Simple to plan, maintain and retrofit as Pascal offers a modular system, open ducts and only 5 different components
  • Compatible with both air and waterborne systems

If you are curious to know more about Lindab Pascal and how you can save money on your energy consumption for your building, please contact your local sales department.