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Regula Master TCP

Regula Master TCP is a small and compact preprogrammed controller with internal display.

The display is backlit and the menus are easy accessible and controlled by pushbuttons on the front together with two LED indicators for alarm and write indication.

The software in Regula Master TCP is specially designed for the Pascal system, and contains three different set up configurations in the same standard unit: Single Regula Master ( SRM ), Local Regula Master ( LRM ) and Global Regula Master ( GRM ).

The controller has RS485 ports for internal Pascal EXOline communicatiom and a TCP/IP port for communication to BMS system. (EXOline TCP, Modbus TCP and Bacnet TCP).

Connecting to the TCP/IP port enables access to the Pascal Web configuration tool and easy overview of the Regula Master TCP.

See more about all the functions of Regula Master in the Pascal componenents document.